Lots of loan officers, not a lot of information on them. They have a website and you see they have some Zillow reviews, but what does it all really mean? What is Seattle Loan Officers? And how can it help me? We trawl through multiple data sources to provide consumers honest, bias-free reviews of loan officers in the Greater Seattle Area.

What area does Seattle Loan Officers review?

We strictly review loan officers in Washington State, focusing on Puget Sound – the Greater Seattle Area.

Where does Seattle Loan Officers source their data?

  • Modex –  A revolutionary website for the mortgage lending industry, Modex allows a consumer to see how much business a loan officer did in the last month. We also take their proprietary Modex Score into account to gain additional insights into that specific loan officers. Modex is used to learn about a loan officer’s business, specialty, and area of service.
  • Zillow, and other industry specific websites – Zillow has thousands upon thousands of loan officer reviews. We review many of the reviews for each loan officer to get an understanding of their past clients and how each transaction went.
  • Facebook, Yelp, and other social review sources – We review both Facebook and Yelp for social reviews on loan officers. Some loan officers have their own pages, some only have a branch page, and some only have a company page. We also review other industry-specific review sites such as Birdeye for reviews.
  • NMLS Consumer Access – A regulatory agency, every loan officer in the nation is required to register with the NMLS. We use the NMLS to get employment history, regulatory and legal action, as well as location information.
  • Industry Reputation – Different companies get different reputations. Some companies drive harder than others and others will work more like a call center. Depending on what experience you’re looking for, this will impact the loan officer’s review.

What makes a good loan officer?

A good loan officer provides options to the borrower, is a good communicator, and follows through on their word. Navigating a home mortgage can be challenging and for many people it is the largest, most complex transaction of their life. A loan officer is supposed to guide you through the process with good communication and education.

As a home mortgage is a timely matter, it is also important that the loan closes on time. Late closings can ruin deals and you can lose money is your loan officer drops the ball. A loan officer that follows through on their word (IE: 2-week close, 4-week close) is critical.

Have a question for the Seattle Loan Officers staff?

Visit our contact page to learn how to get a hold of us! We are always open to getting feedback for industry professionals and consumers. Thanks!