Dominick Ferraro is a loan officer at Boeing Employee Credit Union in Spokane, Washington. Dominick primarily serves Spokane County – focusing on Spokane, Spokane Valley, and Cheney. He is a Spokane native, so is familiar with the Eastern Washington real estate market. Dominick makes claims on his company page that he is a specialist with all loan types, but it looks like he primarily focuses on purchase and refinances. Although he has done some REO and construction loans in the past, he mainly focuses on refinances and purchase transactions. Dominick Ferraro is a federally licensed, depository/credit union loan officer.

Dominick Ferraro Social Reviews

There is a limited social review presense online, focused to only Zillow and Linkedin. There is one Yelp review, but it is totally unrelated and should be ignored.


Dominick has reviews going back to late 2013. His reviews all all raving about his customer service skills, his quick to resolve problems, and go above and beyond to help his clients achieve their goals. Dominick is a 5-star Zillow rated loan officer. Although he has a high-star rating, he interestingly doesn’t have any reviews after 2015. This is concerning that he doesn’t have any social reviews online after 2015.


Dominick’s Linkedin profile shows his mortgage history and his employment at a tax center, Bank of America, another mortgage lender, and now BECU. Beyond his work history, Dominick has a positive recommendation on Linkedin that outlines his positive mortgage experience. Dominick will go above and beyond for clients. Interestingly (and confusingly) enough, Dominick also has another bank listed on his employment history. We are uncertain of why he has this listed.

Dominick Ferraro Modex

Dominick’s Modex profile show that he is a regular mortgage professional in the Spokane area. He does an average of 1-3 million dollars in loans per month and primarily focuses on purchases and some refinances. He can assist you with FHA and VA loans.

Dominick Ferraro NMLS

Dominick has a good NMLS record with no regulatory action. According to the NMLS, Dominick Ferraro came into the banking industry back in 2006 and has stayed with it since then. He has worked at a variety of banks/lenders including: Bank of America and the now defunct TMBG Inc. Dominick used to be a state licensed loan officer in Washington and Idaho, but now only holds a federal license.


Dominick Ferraro at Boeing Employee Credit Union is a great loan officer in Spokane, Washington. He can assist you with your mortgage in Spokane County. There is some confusion in Dominick’s employment history and lack of social reviews since 2015, but overall he would be a good fit for a borrower who’s looking for a conventional purchase or refinance in Spokane County, Washington. Seattle Loan Officer’s recommends Dominick!