Eddie Anderson is a seasoned mortgage professional starting his financial career back in the late 90s. His website describes him as a mortgage professional who can help you with Veteran loans, investment properties, and first-homes. He has been in the industry for more than 20 years starting at the Sterling Group back in 1997.  Eddie Anderson works for Upwell Mortgage, which is a DBA of Cendera Funding and primarily helps borrowers South of Seattle in Puyallup, Tacoma, and Spanaway.

Eddie Anderson Social Reviews

It doesn’t wildly impact his review, but Eddie has a fairly limited social review network online. We have distilled Eddie’s reviews and professional social networks to Zillow, Linkedin, and surprisingly Twitter. On Zillow, Eddie has stellar reviews. He has 73 reviews at 5-stars, with reviews being as recent at mid-February. Interestingly, we noted that many of his reviews were for people with low credit scores – so we have deemed Eddie to be a ‘bad credit specialist’. He does not respond to reviews.

Linked in is fairly thorough showing Eddie’s employment history going back to 1997 where he started in the financial industry. Interestingly enough, Eddie also has a Twitter account. While his Twitter doesn’t have any reviews, it is active and shows that he is working hard to self-promote. He tweets useful mortgage and real estate news and articles.

There also seems to be some fuzziness around Eddie’s past employment and his social reviews. When searching for reviews on Eddie, you will find reviews for an “Eddie Anderson” in the Pierce County area, but we were unable to confirm if they were Eddie Anderson now working at Upwell Mortgage.

Eddie Anderson Modex

The Modex profile for Eddie shows that he has been in the industry for nearly 21 years and has been at his current employer for 5 months. It is common for loan officer to switch jobs frequently. Eddie splits his work between purchase and refinance and focuses mainly on homes. While his main focus is on single family homes, true to his specialties, he has done a handful of multifamily properties in the last year.

Eddie Anderson NMLS

The NMLS shows that Eddie is a fairly normal loan officer, no problems. The NMLS has his entire job history going back to 1997 and hows no regulatory action. The only thing to note is that Eddie’s online precense shows he works at Upwell Mortgage, but his NMLS profile show’s he works at Cendera Funding. This is ok as Upwell Mortgage is just a rebranding of Cendera Funding.


Eddie Anderson is a good loan officer with specialties in the Pierce County area. We recommend those trying to purchase a home South of Seattle and with low credit or needing a VA loan to work with Eddie.