Jeff Nicola is a loan officer/area sales manager at Bay Equity Home Loans in Bellevue, Washington. According to Modex, Jeff primarily lends in Seattle and Everett (and some surrounding areas). Jeff has a clear focus on technology in his mortgage process, as detailed on his Bay Equity bio page. Jeff is an area sales manager meaning that he oversees multiple loan officers in the Eastside (Bellevue and Kirkland) area.

Jeff Nicola Social Reviews

Jeff maintains a decent social presence on both Zillow and Redfin. There is also a Yelp page for his branch, but there’s only one review detailing his work there (which was highly rated). Jeff also has a Linkedin profile, but doesn’t go into detail beyond his employment at Bay Equity.

Zillow and Redfin

Jeff Nicola has accounts with both Zillow and Redfin. But it looks like his Zillow account is much for active than his Redfin account. Jeff’s latest Redfin review is from early 2016 and his Zillow reviews are current to March 2018. To briefly touch on the Redfin review, Jeff has 4 reviews at 5-stars each. Jeff Nicola’s Zillow reviews call him the “Best loan officer in Seattle” and every person said they would use him again. He has 80 5-star reviews and in many ocasions Jeff responds to the Zillow review.


Jeff’s Linkedin is pretty dry, showing he works at Bay Equity and went to university in Seattle. His Linkedin description or headline paragraph is the same as Zillow and he likely only has a Linkedin for compliance reasons.

Jeff Nicola Modex

Modex shows that Jeff is a great producer, doing nearly 20 million/year in home loan in the Seattle and Everett areas. He primarily works on single family properties (houses) and does a decent split of purchase and refinance loans. Interestingly, he has done a new home loans in the last year, which most loan officers do. This really doesn’t mean much other than the fact that Jeff has helped some borrower purchase new homes instead of homes that have already been around. No red-flags on Jeff’s Modex profile.

Jeff Nicola NMLS

The NMLS has tracked Jeff Nicola as a loan officer since he got started in financial services back in the late 90s. Since the late 90s Jeff Nicola has remained in the financial/mortgage lending industry. He has jumped around jobs a few times, but has been at Bay Equity since 2012. Jeff has no regulatory action against him.


Jeff Nicola is an excellent loan officer serving the Everett and Seattle areas. Jeff has built his reputation around how he handles his clients and has gone far enough to become an area sales manager for Bay Equity. Jeff is a top rated loan officer and we only docked him points because he doesn’t work to promote himself online.