Matt Johnson is a loan officer at Umpqua Bank in Seattle, Washington. He has been at Umpqua since roughly 2006. Matthew originally worked at Sterling Savings Bank, but this was acquired by Umpqua Bank in 2014. Surprisingly, Matthew Johnson does not have many Zillow reviews, but has a lot of Redfin reviews.  There is not a lot of information available on Matthew besides some social reviews, Linkedin, the NMLS, and Modex. He does not have an online bio page, but only has a link to his mortgage application.

Matt Johnson Social Reviews

There are social reviews for Matt Johnson on Redfin, Zillow, Linkedin, and Yelp. Interestingly, he has more social reviews on Redfin than on Zillow. I’d imagine a lot of his business comes from Redfin agents. On Redfin, Matt is a 5-star loan officer with more than 600 reviews! Wow! He has reviews as recent at mid-March 2018. Reviewing several hundred of the most recent reviews, we didn’t find a single review under 4-stars.

Zillow has one 5-star review for Matt and the Yelp page is from the old Sterling Savings bank. The Yelp page is all 5-stars and specifically talks about how it was good to work with Matt and his team.

Matt has a strong Linkedin profile with skills including: mortgage lending, refinance, and loans. He also has two raving reviews on his real estate acumen and business skills.

Matt Johnson Modex

The Modex profile for Matt show’s that he’s a loan officer who does lots of loans. He may be the largest producing loan officer at Umpqua Bank. He primarily focuses on purchase, but can also assist in refinance. Matthew Johnson mainly does loans on the Westside in Seattle and Lynnwood, but also from time-to-time does loans in Bellevue. Matt has done a handful of multifamily transactions and has done quite a few condominium deals in the last year.

Matt Johnson NMLS

The NMLS profile for Matt is positive. His profile on Redfin and Zillow claim he’s been in the mortgage industry for 24 years, but his NMLS profile only shows from 2006. His Linkedin profile show’s he’s been in the industry since 1998 though. Matt is authorized to represent Umpqua Bank and has no regulatory action against him.


Matt Johnson at Umpqua Bank is a quality loan officer that we recommend. It’s interesting though that he doesn’t have his full employment history on the NMLS (although it’s on the NMLS) and doesn’t have many Zillow reviews. Choose Matt is you already bank at Umpqua Bank and are interested in purchasing a home in Snohomish or the Westside of King County.