Michael Carpenter, who also goes by “Mike the Money Man” is a loan officer at Washington First Mortgage Loan Corporation. He has been in the business for nearly 20 years and is featured in a 2008 BusinessWire article on the mortgage lending space. Through the article, Mike is described as a leading expert in the mortgage banking field and speaks specifically to the 2007/2008 financial crisis.

“Mike the Money Man” seems to be an overall good loan officer, except for one hiccup in 2008. But that was nearly 10 years ago and we expect he’s back to good business again. Read below to learn more about Mike at Washington First Mortgage in Kirkland.

Michael Carpenter Social Reviews

There are a variety of sites with reviews on Michael Carpenter: Redfin, Zillow, and Yelp. His company website also has one 5-star review. Mike’s Yelp profile has 80+ reviews and only two of them are 4-stars. He also takes the time to respond to every Yelp review. The Zillow profile for Michael has more than 80 reviews and he responds to every review.

There is a slight bump though when we look at Redfin reviews. There aren’t as many Redfin reviews, but one scathing review from 2013 really impacts his overall Redfin score. While it’s tough to make an assumption on this, we are going to assume this is an outlier problem. With more than 160+ positive reviews on other sites, we find it hard to believe that he always does bad business.

Michael Carpenter Modex

The Modex profile for Mike shows that he is an average loan officer doing a few loans per month. He has a clear focus on conventional loans, but also has done a few VA and FHA loans in the last year. He has a fairly split business between purchases and refinances. Michael does most of his business in Seattle, Bothell, and Redmond. He only does forward mortgages, so he cannot help you with a reverse mortgage.

Michael Carpenter NMLS

The NMLS profile for Michael shows he has some regulatory action against him from 2008. There was an alteration of a borrowers document – AKA fraud. Read the entire regulatory action on the NMLS site. Besides the regulatory action, Michael is a decent loan officer having worked since 1998 in the Snohomish/King County area in mortgage banking.

Michael has jumped around a couple times between jobs, but has been at his current employer for the past few years. He is currently a licensed loan officer for the State of Washington.


Although Mike has a hiccup in his business back in 2008, it’s been 10 years since that incident. He also has one negative review, but there are more than 160+ positive reviews to drive that one review down. We believe that Mike is a good loan officer now and that he can handle your business. He doesn’t do as much business as other loan officers, but the loans he does do seem to leave borrowers happy.