Oleg Tkach at Guild Mortgage in Lynnwood is one of the largest producing loan officers at Guild and is in the $150 million dollar club in MPA and runs the Tkach Lending Group withing Guild Mortgage. Oleg has been in the mortgage industry since 2005 and been in banking sine 2003. He primarily serves the Westside from Everett down to Tacoma. There is a clear location around Pierce County. Oleg’s mission is, “delivering expectation-exceeding results well before the deadline.” and based upon our review he regularity delivers on this mission.

Oleg Tkach Social Reviews

Being a good loan officer means having a good presence on the web and Oleg has done exactly that. Oleg has accounts on Zillow, Linkedin, Yelp, Redfin, and TestimonialTree. The focus of reviews for Oleg are on Zillow and TestimonialTree. Redfin has 10 reviews and Yelp as one review, all 11 reviews are 5-stars.

Zillow and TestimonialTree are all positive reviews with a 5-stars on each site and more than 250 reviews. Inerestingly about Oleg and his team, this is an actual 5-stars average. Most other loan officers we review have 4.93 or 4.98 on average for reviews, but Oleg actually has 5-stars. Not a single 4, 3, 2, or 1 star review on any of his sites. Amazing!

Oleg has 14 strong recommendations on Linkedin for mortgage origination and coaching. He also has more than 100 endorsements for refinance, mortgage lending, and FHA.

Oleg Tkach Modex

It is clear from Oleg’s Modex Profile that he is a high-producing loan officer. He primarily serves Pierce County and Everett and has a concentration of conventional and FHA loans. It also looks like he can work with you on both purchase and refinance. From our research, Oleg has helped borrowers with multifamily properties and condominiums too.

Oleg Tkach NMLS

The NMLS profile for Oleg is fairly straightforward. Oleg has been in banking since 2003 and been focused on mortgages sine 2005. Prior to Guild, he worked at Cobalt Mortgage (which later became Caliber). Since his move from Cobalt Mortgage he has been at Guild for 4 years. He has no regulatory action against him and is licensed to originate loans in Washington State.


Overall, Oleg Tkach at Guild Mortgage in Lynnwood is a top loan officer. He does a ton of business and will likely treat you well. He has systems in place to handle lots of business and communications with many borrowers. We recommend Oleg.