Ryan Niles is a loan officer at Cornerstone Home Lending in Seattle, Washington. He works on The Niles Team with both Shannon Cordova and Angie Arneson. Ryan is a Seattle native and even went to the University of Washington for business and finance. Ryan is a seasoned mortgage professional with nearly 15 years in the  business and many years at his current employer. Ryan primarily serves the Seattle and Renton areas. He also has a Certified Mortgage Consultant designation from NAMB which makes him a trustworthy and top mortgage expert in Seattle.

Ryan Niles Social Reviews

Ryan is very active on social media and a self-promoter having accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Yelp, Zillow, and Redfin. Although Ryan has a Twitter account, it does not seem to be active. His last tweet was from 2011. Although Ryan isn’t active on Twitter, he is very active on all his other networks. All website that provide reviews, show him with 5-stars and recent reviews.

Ryan even goes far enough to use Yelp to give borrowers suggestions on how to be more aggressive in the market. All very good tips. He is active on Zillow by responding to nearly every single review. Both Zillow and Redfin have 5-stars reviews with dozens upon dozens of reviews.

Linkedin shows Ryan’s full employment and education history. He has at least one recommendation from another industry professional singing his praises.

Ryan Niles Modex

The Modex profile for Ryan shows that he does the majority of his business in Seattle, Lynnwood, and Renton. His loans are usually pretty big, so we’ve designated him a jumbo specialist. His large loans are probably due to the fact that most the houses he helps sell are in Seattle. He splits most his business between purchase and refinance. He also has some experience with VA loans. Ryan’s overall Modex profile show’s he is a good loan officer.

Ryan Niles NMLS

The NMLS shows Ryan’s business history and who is current authorized to represent. For the majority of Ryan’s career, he has been in the mortgage space. He has jumped around mortgage jobs a few times during his career, but he’s been at Cornerstone Home Loans since 2010. That’s 7+ years at a single employer, which is impressive for the mortgage industry! Ryan also has no regulatory action against him and is allowed to originate loans in both Washington and California.


Ryan is a great loan officer at Cornerstone Home Lending. His team, The Niles Team, will treat you well. While he isn’t doing the most business in Seattle compared to other people at Homestreet Bank, he is doing lots of business and even better he’s a Certified Mortgage Consultant. Ryan has no flat sides, we highly recommend him.