Ryan Shane is a loan officer and one of the principle members of Sammamish Mortgage (he currently is a loan officer and the company’s chief operating officer). Sammamish Mortgage started in 1992. Is looks like Ryan manages around 10 loan officers out of their Bellevue office. The Modex profile for the entire company shows they do a decent amount of business and primarily serve the¬†Seattle, Sammamish, and Bellevue areas.

Ryan Shane Social Reviews

Ryan has profiles on a variety of social sites. For this review, we’ll also be looking at some of the Sammamish Mortgage sites due to the fact that Ryan is a founding member of that company. He personally has accounts on Redfin and Linkedin. For his company, we’ll be looking at Zillow, Yelp, Facebook, Kudzu, Bankrate, and Angieslist.

The Redfin profile for Ryan Shane only had a handful of reviews and he is rated at 4.5 stars. Reviewing all his Redfin reviews, it doesn’t look there is anything negative about Ryan. The Linkedin for Ryan Shane is fairly standard. He has a variety of endorsements for lending, investment properties, and FHA. He also has one recommendation from one of his own accountants. Since it’s his own employee – we can’t take that recommendation into account for our review.

The remaining sites are from Sammamish Mortgage as a whole company. Every single site has nothing but good things to say about Sammamish Mortgage. They didn’t have a ton of reviews compared to other loan officers, but the smattering of reviews that they did have are positive and 5-stars.

Ryan Shane Modex

The Modex profile for Ryan, shows that he is a power house at Sammamish Mortgage in Bellevue. He has a clear focus on conventional mortgage products. He can help you with both purchases and refinances, but interestingly enough – he has done more refinances in the last year compared to purchases. About 80% of his business if homes and the rest are mainly condominiums.

Another interesting point to note is that Ryan Shane does quite a few multifamily properties. With this being said, he might be your loan officer for investment/rental properties. Ryan has a clear focus on where he does his business – Seattle, Sammamish, and Bellevue.

Ryan Shane NMLS

The NMLS allows us to see Ryan’s work history and if he has any regulatory action against him. Luckily, he has no regulatory action against him since his start of financial services in 2008. Interestingly though, it looks like Sammamish Mortgage is Ryan’s first financial/mortgage job. Prior to working at Sammamish Mortgage he held a variety of jobs in the service industry.

We also note that the NMLS says that Ryan is a “Transaction Coordinator”, but his website says he’s the COO/Sr. Loan Officer. There is perhaps a correlation here – perhaps Ryan processes all the loans that Sammamish Mortgage does under his name (thus the title “Transaction Coordinator”). This is fairly common in certain mortgage companies.

He is authorized to do business in Colorado, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington State.


Ryan Shane of Sammaish Mortgage in Bellevue is a good loan officer. We cannot conclusively say he processes all the loans, but he doesn’t have many personal social reviews. It was also found quite impressive that he is the COO of a company with no prior mortgage experience. We would recommend Ryan for investment/rental properties.