Sean Psaradelis of Team Psaradelis is a loan officer at Capstone Home Loans, a division of American Pacific Mortgage Corporation in Lynnwood, Washington. According to Modex, Sean primarily serves the Snohomish County area from Lynnwood to Marysville. Sean is the main producer for Team Psaradelis, but the team also includes Brian Psaradelis and Nick Verkerk. As Sean’s motto says: “Go the extra mile, it’s never crowded” – Wayne Dyer

And it’s true! Sean goes the extra mile to ensure that borrowers get the loan product that is best fit for them. With Sean’s great social reviews, industry experience, and overall approach to mortgage banking he is a great choice for a loan officer. He is one of the highest rated loan officers on Seattle Loan Officers.

Sean Psaradelis Social Reviews

Sean Psaradelis has a strong presence on social media and with social reviews. True to how he operates his business, he works hard to guide borrowers through the mortgage process and this is exhibited by his raving reviews.


Sean Psaradelis has profiles on Zillow, Redfin, and a variety of other mortgage and real estate niche websites. While Sean’s Redfin reviews are lacking, his Zillow reviews are great in numbers and rating. Sean is a 5-star rated lender on both Redfin and Zillow. We’ll be focusing on Zillow reviews only because Sean only has two reviews on Redfin (although they are both 5-stars). Zillow reviews for Sean go back all the way to 2013 and his most recent review is from March 2018. He has more than 80 reviews and every one is 5-stars. Not only that, but Sean has replied to ever review with acknowledgement of the review. This proves that Sean is a very customer-centric loan officer.


Team Psaradelis and Sean are very active on their Facebook Page. In compliment to his Zillow review, Sean and his team have 64 reviews at 5-stars. There is one review that is 2-stars, but it appears to be an outlier not connected to Sean and his business. For this review we will be ignoring this review. All other reviews of Sean on Facebook are raving of his process and team.


Find Sean Psaradelis on Linkedin. Of the recommendations Sean has on Linkedin, they are both positive discussing how Sean is a great communicator and industry professional. Sean has all his employment history listed on his Linkedin and his specialties, which he says are: “Purchase transactions, Customer service, returning calls quickly”.


Birdeye is a review aggregation platform for lenders. Sean has a Birdeye review aggregation page, but many of the reviews on his Birdeye page are reviews from other sites such as Zillow and Facebook. Sean’s Birdeye account shows nearly 150 reviews at the time of this review on Seattle Loan Officers. The majority of them are Facebook and Zillow which we outline above, but you’ll find some reviews from Trulia as well (although their Trulia page seems offline right now).

Sean Psaradelis Modex

The Modex profile on Sean provides us an insight into Sean’s business and some of the technical insights into him as a loan officer. Sean has fairly regular business with no major dips in his loans. He experiences regular, cyclical loss of business around Winter, but this is normal for most loan officers. There is a very clear focus on purchase business, but he can also do refinances. Team Psaradelis, including Sean, will be able to help you with both single family homes and condominiums.

Sean Psaradelis NMLS

Sean has a stellar profile on the NMLS showing his work history and no regulatory actions. The NMLS shows that he is up to date on his licenses to work at a loan officer and that’s he’s currently employed at Capstone Home Loans.


Team Psaradelis, including Sean, are excellent loans officers. Sean drives his team and creates a unique, positive experience for all borrowers. Sean has no downfalls. We highly recommend Sean Psaradelis.