Umar Gebril is one of the largest producers at Academy Mortgage in Seattle. His company profile shows he is ranked top 5% nationally (although we were unable to immediately confirm this) and he’s been in the mortgage industry several years. His Zillow profile goes on to show a variety of his other accomplishments. He also isn’t just a loan officer at Academy Mortgage, he is an Area Sales Manager – meaning he manages multiple loan officers in the Greater Seattle Area.

Umar Gebril Social Reviews

Umar Gebril has accounts at a variety of websites including: Zillow, Linkedin, Redfin, and Yelp. He also has a handful of reviews on an outlier website, Sulekha. Umar is much more active on Zillow and has reviews as recent at mid-March 2018. His Redfin reviews are as recent as mid-2017. Both Zillow and Redfin show that Umar is a quality loan officer with many 5-star reviews. The handful of 4-star reviews are nothing to worry about and seem to be outliers in his communication standards.

Umar’s Linkedin profile shows that he also has a background in law (Doctor of Law) from Seattle University. His recommendations on Linkedin show him as a quality mortgage professional and communicator. He has endorsements for mortgage lending and home loans.

Sulekha is a website we haven’t seen before, but Umar Gebril has two reviews on there with 5-stars each. The Yelp page is for Umar’s branch in Seattle, they have exclusively 5-star reviews.

Umar Gebril Modex

Modex shows us that Umar is a large producer and heavily focuses on the Seattle market. He mainly does purchase loans, but also can help with refinance. His clients are mainly purchasing houses, but he has also helped quite a few people with condominiums. He also had helped with a handful of multifamily properties.

In terms of loan products, Umar has a concentration of conventional loan products, but also has experience with FHA and VA products. Since most of the house’s he’s helping client’s purchase are in Seattle, they have a high loan amount. Umar can help clients purchase homes over 500k.

Umar Gebril NMLS

The NMLS profile for Umar is very clean and shows his financial background starting back in 2004 at Bank of America. He’s been at Academy Mortgage sine 2014 and has no posted regulatory action against him. Umar is licensed to do loans in a variety of states including:¬†Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington. Overall his NMLS profile is good.


Overall, Umar Gebril is a great loan officer and will treat a consumer well. His extensive background and law degree also makes him stick out from the pack. We recommend Umar at Academy Mortgage.