There are a handful of “super-producer” loan officers in the Seattle area that produce hundreds of millions of dollars in home loans per year. Many of them are also highly rated here at Seattle Loan Officers. So, you might ask yourself, where are top loan officers doing business in Seattle and the Greater Seattle Area? Let’s take a look…

Focused Areas of Business

It appears and you would you correctly assume that most loan officers are doing their business in Seattle. 80% of the top producing loan officers are doing the top 20% of their business in Seattle. This is both in terms of volume and units. So, while house prices remain high in Seattle, Seattle continues to be a leader in home sales and jumbo loan amounts.

Seattle Suburb Areas

Following Seattle, the best and highest producing loan officers in Seattle seem to focus their business on several specific regions.

  • Eastside (Bellevue, Kirkland, and Sammamish) – Clearly a continuation of the Seattle market, Bellevue and the surrounding area is a hot place for real estate.
  • North of Seattle (Everett and Lynnwood) – As King County becomes saturated and prices of homes becoming overinflated, people are pushing North to Snohomish County
  • Really North of Seattle (Marysville and Lake Stevens) – As South Snohomish County becomes denser and home prices are driven up, borrowers are moving up North of Everett to Lake Stevens and Maryville. Properties North of Everett usually have lower home prices compared to Seattle and Everett and also larger lot sizes.

Final thoughts, what does this mean for consumers and loan officers?

We started this post with a question,¬†where are top loan officers doing business in seattle? It seems that mortgage business is concentrated to Seattle, Bellevue, and Everett (with some outlying suburbs). For a consumer, this means that it’ll be a more aggressive market in those areas. Homes will sell faster and at higher prices. What does this mean for loan officers? This means that you should be focusing your business on these areas or building niche business in surrounding areas.